How to Embroiderer 3d foam

How to Embroiderer 3d foam

3D puff design uses foam under base to achieve a 3D effect.
To start embroidering a 3D foam design you must have the following

Group 1

1. A 3d Foam design

2. 3D foam (Madeira Bodybuilder)


Hoop your fabric and run the 3d embroidery design

If your design contains serifs they will be embroidered first, and the machine will first stitch a guideline showing you where to lay your foam and stop for you to lay the foam


Once the machine stops please remove the foam

Once the full design has been embroidered, remove any excess foam. The excellent structure of BODYBUILDER allows your stitches to create a clean perforation ensuring it will pull away easily. Use hot air to shrink and disperse any visible foam.

For complicated designs we will add a layer of stitches to cover any visible foam on the edges
Once the second layer of stitching is complete your 3D design is ready


Please Lay your foam on the marked area,

If required use the temporary spray MSA1100 to fix it.
Start the machine and run the rest of the design till it stops again