Brother Pes Issues

Most brother customers ask for a PES file because they are told this is the best format for Brother Embroidery machines However they then have a difficulty in getting the machine to do automatic trimming of threads

After speaking to a few people on the brother booth, and a few of our customers we now know that there is a small issue with PES files
The Brother machine can only read the trim instructions on the PES file if and only if the design was ORIGINALLY DIGITIZED USING THE BROTHER DIGITIZING SOFTWARE

So if we use a professional Wilcom software to digitize a design the brother machine might simply not recognize the trim instruction.

At the same time if you open the PDF that’s supplied with the design you can clearly see that the trims are in place

Here is a simple solution

  • Order the design in a DST format
  • Dst is the worlds most commonly accepted stitch format

99.99% of the machines in the world INCLUDING BROTHER will accept a DST embroidery file