Advantages of Placing Orders Online

Our innovative order form allows you to place an order or a quote in less than a minute!! The annotation button on our order form allows you to quickly and graphically get your point across.

Now on the other hand, if you email an order or quote your email must be manually entered onto our system.

Depending the volume of work we are dealing with it may take several hours to get your order manually entered into our work queue. If your order is time sensitive it is always more efficient to use the web based system as not only do you provide us all the relevant information using the order form, but you also get an immediate confirmation of your request on the website

There will be some rare few designs where you would rather talk to someone before placing an order. In such cases send the design as a quote and ask for a call back in the comments or call us as soon as you have a reference quote ID and we will be delighted to discuss the design with you. Moreover since it’s on the system we can then have multiple people looking at your design. NEW! We have a Help&Advice button below all completed orders and quote This allows you to raise a support ticket and a senior quality control adviser will give you a call back  if required

If you need any help on using the online system please call our Customer Service Team and we can “talk you through” the system or if needed arrange for a “Team Viewer” remote session to show you a live demonstration

As a UK based business  you can communicate with us effectively to discuss any aspects of your orders or edits be it a custom embroidery design, vector artwork or embroidered badges and woven badges.

If you ever have any need to discuss any aspects of your logos we will be always there for you on the phone, by email.