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Our spectacular embroidery discount deals are promoted on a regular basis via emails and on our website. Discounts are not only for new customers, they are our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers.

Our embroidery discount codes are simple to apply, instructions on how to obtain and use  your discount code will be available in the green box below.

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Use Code: SUMMER30 for 30% off orders placed between Friday and Monday!

Hurry!! Offer ends 5th September  2021

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All discounted promotions are subject to a 2-day budget turnaround

 You cannot use the promo codes for quotations – only new orders.
To qualify, the promo code must be applied every time you place an order via the online system. (choose a 2-day budget turnaround) 
Your account must be up to date with no unpaid overdue invoices.
Not applicable for complicated animal or truck designs.

*Important please read our offer conditions below.

*This discount is not available in conjunction with any other offers and is only valid for accounts with no outstanding invoices.

instructions on how to obtain and use your discount code

Here’s how thousands of our clients have saved money on our embroidery services.

Offer Conditions Important Please Read

  • Promo codes will not be applied if you have any unpaid or overdue invoices, all invoices, excluding invoices marked as raised, must be paid immediately to qualify for a promotional discount.
  • Invoices containing discounted designs across any promotions must be paid at the beginning of the next month (within 7 days of the invoice date) failure to comply will void the promotion discount, the full cost of the design will be applicable.
  • After receiving your promo code you must enter the code each time you place an order (Promo codes only work at the point of order) until the promo code has expired. If you forget to place the promo code we are unable to change or apply the code to your order. Simply apply the code to your next order.
  • All orders placed using a Promo code are subject to a two-day service.
  • Due to the popularity of our digitizing promotions, it may take up to 48 hours for your order to be emailed, please bear with us. Designs ordered on Friday / Saturday will be delivered on Monday
  • Please be kind enough not to ask the customer services to apply a promo code for you this puts an additional burden on our support team.