About Us

When we digitized our first design way back in 1986 it was called “punching”

Each artwork had to be blown up 6 times and each set of stitches had to be punched manually. 30 years and seven hundred thousand designs later, we now use the state of the art software’s manned by carefully trained “old school” digitizers who pay acute attention to detail.The designs are then sampled on a similar fabric and go through careful quality control so that there are no unnecessary trims or color changes.

Having worked with top brands in the world we know what it takes to create a stunning design. Although we have won a few awards (Print wear and promotions – best embroidery design award being the latest) I always tell our digitizers that we are only as good as our last design.

What makes us unique is our solid foundation, long years of experience strong ethics and dedicated staff.

The fact that you can see us at most trade shows and the fact that Embroidery machine companies use our designs for demonstration at the actual trade shows, means that we must be either incredibly lucky to survive for 30 years OR extremely good at what we do