Fast and reliable digitizing:
High quality at low prices

  • Fast turnaround and edits
  • Simple right-first-time process
  • Responsive UK-based service
  • Free quotes and alternates
  • Rigorous quality control that's
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The quick and hassle-free way to turn designs into stitch-perfect reality:

step1Upload the image you want digitized or vectorized.
step2Get back a version optimised for embroidering/ printing. PLUS a scanned proof to see exactly how it’ll look.

25+ years of embroidery experience and over 200,000 designs digitized…

With Netdigitizing you get skilled digitizers not automated scanning software.

And that’s important. Finished designs are higher quality and designed for real-world application. It means avoiding the hidden costs of a sub-standard design. From costly thread breaks during production to time wasted on testing and revising a design. Get it right first time.

UKUK-based, we serve leading workwear/ schoolwear companies and over 600 contract embroiderers in the UK and around the world.

  • Realistic embroidery design
  • Crest-with-amazing-detail
  • Complex embroidery design
  • Fine detailed embroidery digitizers
  • Embroidered logo
  • SportCare copy
  • Small stitch embroidered logo's